Imagewrap Covers
Ideal for weddings and other important events. Flushmount books are made with stiff pages that open completely flat. Spread is made with joint-sheets that eliminate folded creases typical in centre folds. Comes with a Imagewrap Cover.

Available sizes (in inches): 12x18, 12x15, 9x12
Available Paper Types
  • Art Regular 170gsm (Gloss/Matte/UV/High Gloss)
  • Art Heavy 225gsm (Gloss/Matte/UV/High Gloss)
  • Silky UV 250gsm
  • Metallic UV 300gsm
  • Photo Glossy
  • Photo Matte
  • Velvet Regular
  • Velvet Heavy

Available Cover Types
  • Imagewrap covers in Gloss or Matte
Available Binding Types

  • Flushmount
Available End Sheet Options

  • Black ,White & Copper
Available Packaging Types
  • Boxes:
    Standard Box
    Personalized Lid Box

  • Bags:
    Standard Album Bag
    Jute Bag
    Padded Bag