Celebrate the life of a new born baby or preserve memories of a family holiday in fun, light softcover books. Makes great gifts for birthdays too.

Available sizes (in inches): 12x18, 12x15, 12x12, 10x10, 9x12, 8x12, 8x8, 6x9, 6x8, 6x7.5, 5x8, 4x6
Available Paper Types
  • Art Regular 170gsm (Gloss/Matte/UV)
  • Art Heavy 225gsm (Gloss/Matte/UV)
  • Silky UV 170gsm/250gsm
  • Metallic UV 300gsm
  • Textured UV 250gsm
  • Non-Tearable UV 170gsm

Available Cover Types

  • Personalized covers in Silky, Gloss or Matte
  • Pinned covers in Gloss or Matte
  • Standard covers in Copper
Available Binding Types

  • Stapled/Perfect Binding
  • Pinned Binding
Available Packaging Types
  • Boxes:
    Standard Box
    Personalized Lid Box

  • Bags:
    Standard Album Bag
    Jute Bag
    Padded Bag